What is Harmony?
Chinese medicine has existed for over 200 years yet there still lacks a modern representation of its practices. Harmony serves as a tangible resource for understanding basics of Chinese medicine.
4 weeks
Concept Design
Print Design
What exactly is Chinese medicine?
The biggest part of this project was researching the fundamentals behind Chinese medicine. The pillars behind this practice revolve around the 5 cycles and 5 elements.
Making content more engaging
Many are reluctant to read and learn about the practice because their perception is greatly influenced by how dull and bland the content is presented. The key focus was on visually conveying complex topics in an engaging way.
The Little Book of Herbs
There are over 300 Chinese herbs in use today - the little book of Chinese herbs introduces a few of the most common ones used. They are represented using line graphic style and serves as an introduction into the diverse world of Chinese herbs.
I’m hoping to eventually bring this representation into the digital space, making this information more accessible to people interested in learning more about Chinese medicine.
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Mid-Autumn Festival 2020
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