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Splash screen for Skin SolisGif Animation of what Skin Solis App does
What is Skin Solis?
Skin Solis is a skincare app that focuses on curating routines, products and insights catered to your lifestyle, skin type and concerns. With the assistance of AI scanning and a skin profile analysis, users can learn to better manage their skin health on a daily basis. Start embracing your journey to healthy skin now.
*This is a conceptual project completed as part of my design portfolio.
3 weeks
Visual Design
Usability Testing
3 prototype screens of Skin Solis AppTRY PROTOTYPE
How might we help users better understand their skin needs to relieve the stress that comes with maintaining healthy skin?
An overwhelming amount of information and products out there leads to confusion and stress in trying to maintain heathy skin on a daily basis.
Develop an MVP that helps users better understand their skin needs on a daily basis and reduce the mental stress from managing healthy skin.
Animation of Speech Bubble
Stresses and concerns with managing skin health
“I need more help condensing information about what products work the best for my skin concerns.”
“I need to see that there are results or progress from my skincare routine.”
“I need to make sure that the ingredients I’m putting on my face are good for my skin type.”
Gathering Insights
Insights Icon
Users are frustrated by the excess of information out there and didn’t know how to utilize it for themselves.
Insights Icon
Users didn’t know if a product was really working at times. Seeing the progress was something they enjoyed the most.
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Users need products and routines that are customized specifically for their own skin needs.
Insights Icon
Users needed to better understand their product ingredients in relation to their skin type.
Rachel's POV
With insights gathered, a persona was used to focus and align on the skincare user’s needs, goals and frustrations.
Skin Solis Persona Image
Integrating stress-free skincare into our daily lives
Ideating 3 main flows to focus on:
  1. Analyzing the user’s skin scan and skin profile for a recommended routine
  2. Adding a current product into existing routine
  3. Discover actionable insights after a week
Skin Solis Wireframes Image
Testing to understand frustrations
Be sensitive to skin scoring
Exclamation Point Icon
5/5 users didn’t want to decipher any charts and were intimidated by their own skin health being scored.
Insight Icon
Insight Icon
Instead of scoring your skin, a brief summary of problem areas was provided along with the ability to dive deeper into skin attributes.
Animation Gif of Skin Analysis Results after scanning face
Let users feel in control of their routine
Exclamation Point Icon
Even in a recommended routine, 5/5 users didn’t like being given the exact products to use.
Recommended Routine Prototype Screen Before Testing
Insight Icon
Give users the power to choose their own products since they had varying budgets and favored different brand values.
Animation Gif of Recommended routine after testing
Key Solutions
How might we help Rachel reduce the stress that comes with choosing skincare routines and products?
Informative Skin Scan Analysis
Understand what’s going on with your current skin and specific areas to improve on.
image of Skin Solis app scanning face
screen prototype of skin analysis results
mobile prototype of acne details
Customized Skin Profile + Routine
Answer a few questions and get a recommended routine that’s personalized to your skin needs and lifestyle.
gif of skin profile quiz
mobile prototype screen of recommended routine results
mobile prototype screen of recommended routine for night
How might we help Rachel see the progress of her skin health?
Progress Insights and Recommendations
No more stress on trying to figure out what’s causing your skin to react.

Get bite-sized and actionable insights that better cater to your skin type, your needs and your lifestyle.
mobile prototype screen of Skin Health Insightsmobile prototype screen of skin health insight recommendations
Daily Skin Log Progress
Submit short daily logs to record your skin feelings and lifestyle habits used to pinpoint skin progress improvements.
gif of morning log questions
How might we help Rachel better understand products/ingredients in relation to her skin needs?
Get Solis Matched
Get Solis Matched with products that have the best compatibility with your skin type.

See condensed ingredient information, product compatibility with skin type and relevant reviews from same skin type users.
mobile prototype scree
Expressing an optimistic and calming visual identity
The logotype and choice of purple as the primary color are used to symbolize optimism and a new beginning when it comes to embracing our skin health.

Paired with microinteractions and brand visual elements, the app is able to offer a delightful user experience.
A system to tie it all together
I created reusable elements and components to make the design process more efficient and establish a more consistent experience all around.
Be cautious about UX writing
One of the biggest challenges was learning how to build positive phrases and messages throughout the app so users feel encouraged and motivated to continue caring for their skin health.
Empathize, empathize, then empathize
The resistance towards skin scoring was something I had not anticipated. It would have been helpful to have done testing earlier on that was focused on the scoring aspect.
Don’t make users do the work
Users mentioned that they did not always have the time or want to spend time deciphering a chart. They are using an app to make their lives easier, not add more work onto their plate.
Potential Next Steps
  • Performing Round 2 of Usability Testing
  • Measuring success after launch through user signups, app reviews, and daily active users.
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