Laptop and phone mockup of Eco Tail Project
Who is Eco Tail?
Eco Tail is a pet clothing store founded in early 2019, focused on sustainable practices to reduce its planet impact. They offer accessible and affordable prices for pet owners and their furry friends. There should be no compromise between providing quality products for your pet and caring for our planet.
*This is a conceptual project completed as part of my design portfolio.
4 weeks
Visual Identity
Responsive Web
website home page animationTRY prototype
How might we establish a relevant online presence for Eco Tail and drive in more sales?
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Due to the pandemic, Eco Tail had to transition their business to the e-commerce space but their online presence remains very limited.
Understand the trends and user pains of purchasing pet clothing to better position Eco Tail’s online presence and increase sales.
Understanding the needs of pet owners purchasing clothing online
“The garments have a size guide to reference but it’s still tricky to get the right size.
Shipping + Return
“I have confidence in the company if the shipping and return is easy and secure."
“I’m sensitive to it being genuine - not a marketing term, not greenwashing.”
Gathering Insights
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5/5 participants were frustrated with inaccurate sizing guides.
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4/5 participants mentioned they consider eco-conscious brands that have a transparent mission and production.
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4/5 participants preferred shopping at a site that offered hassle-free returns and fast shipping.
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The shifting consumer trend towards buying pet apparel made of recycled or plant-based fabric is likely to drive the demand for sustainable products.
Hanna's POV
With insights gathered, the user persona for Hana was created to identify the target audience’s needs.
Eco Tail Persona
Tail-oring the user flow
With my persona in mind, I proceeded to understand the process of how users go about finding and purchasing clothes for their pet using a sitemap and user flows.
User Flow images
Key Solutions
How might we inform Hanna on how to buy the correct sizing for her dog?
dog sizing guide, interactive chart tab
Dog Sizing Guide, How to Measure image
Sizing Recommendation
Easily generate a recommended size and compare the fit of other sizes
Interactive recommended size animation
Save pet’s size for future orders
Always have your pet’s measurements on file to streamline the shopping process the next time around.
Animation of creating account and saving pet's size
How might we help reassure Hanna of the quality of clothing?
Offer transparency in product quality
Clear and accessible navigation bar links are provided for company’s sustainable practices.

Detailed eco mission and condensed the complexities of sustainable practices into simple, digestible elements.
Animation of sustainability pageimages of product material and sustainability pages
How might we help reassure Hanna of the delivery status of her products?
Indicate delivery dates
Clearly informing users of delivery and shipment info throughout the checkout process
Progression of order status
Provide a visual status indicator of user’s completed order and any next steps needed
Image of Guest Checkout Review Order ScreenImage of Order Confirmation Page
Laptop mockup imageTRY PROTOTYPE
Crafting a playful and authentic brand identity
I created the visual system with the notion of the friendly, honest and playful brand characteristics. The resusable assets and subtle interactions were then designed to reflect the core identity.
image with icon background and text "Stylish for our pets. Sustainable for the planet."
Image of colors and buttonsImage of eco tail logo
Delightful Interactions
Through microinteractions, I focused on enhancing the user experience by creating subtle visual connections between features and the brand - reflecting the joyful experience of buying clothing for our pets.
gif of pet hover animation
Gif of Checkout screens
The Eco Visual System
The visual assets became essential to building new screens and streamlining the design aesthetic across the board.
image of eco tail visual system
Don’t try to do everything
Focus on what’s needed rather than designing too many screens. Resort back to the original problem statement for clarity.
Be flexible
Having outlined steps is great but be flexible with the order of steps and analyze when it’s necessary to remove or add steps in the process.
Exploring other flows
For a user who has saved their pet’s measurements into an account, how would their search and checkout flow be quicker? How would the sizing guide now fit into that process?
Next Steps
  • Measuring success through sales increase, user account signups, returns/exchanges based on size
  • Build a design system based off of UI Kit with guidelines for an efficient developer handoff
Want to know more about the process?
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