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Over the Moon - Chicago
The Mid-Autumn Festival is one celebrated by many, signifying the full moon and the festivities that are to come. Anna Desai, focuses on amplifying Asian American foods, chef and restauranteurs through social media. With the festival coming up, she hoped to create a limited edition package to showcase mooncakes from 12 local Chicago pastry chefs and bakers.
3 weeks
Packaging Design
Tin Nguyen
Tony Moy
Image of Front and side designs for packaging box
Bringing the concept to life
The Mid-Autumn Festival revolves around the age-old story of Chang-er, the princess and her rabbit companion residing on the moon, making mooncakes. The final designs reflect the magic and wonder of the folktale, coupled with the iconic Chicago skyline.
Diversity in mooncakes
12 Asian American local bakers throughout Chicago showcased their unique talents all in one place.
In just 90 minutes
Within 90 minutes, the limited edition boxes were sold out. We received a tremendous amount of instagram reshares and positive feedback. Most of the profits went to production costs and to a local Chicago charity - Project Vision - focused on providing free tools for youth education, personal and civic development.
Featured in WWTW Chicago Publication
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A modern representation of Chinese medicine
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