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Who is Think Brands?
Think Brands is a 10+ year old design and production agency based in the East Coast. They are known for being a client-centric agency, focusing on unparalleled creativity and process.
Logo Redesign
Icon Creation
Visual Guideline
Phil Vehap
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Thinking back to brands
Think Brands is an agency that started out with one clear goal - offering high quality design and production that fully service the clients they work with.

As an agency that upholds the highest quality when it comes to brands, how might we showcase that through the visual identity?
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Enhancing the visual system
The interconnected “think” and “brands” showcases the agency’s fluidity in design thinking and their ability to make connections between brands and design impact.
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Improved our workflow process
Along with a revamped identity system, I initiated a Production Artist Guide that would help streamline the workflow process within the team and bridge the gap between our project managers and production artists.
Want to learn more about the process?
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Over the Moon
Representing Asian American bakers for the Mid Autumn Festival
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